The Turkish Study Bible

In a land where there are estimated to be a few thousand believers - many of whom are recent converts - there is an urgent need for people to understand and know the Word. The Turkish church has few reference books and few pastors to teach the Word.

In this context we identified the Study Bible as the best single source to train a new generation of Turkish leaders nationwide. As it is written:
"The unfolding of your word gives light; It gives understanding to the simple." Psalm 119:130

The Study Bible is a convenient way to provide a range of study tools (historical background, basic commentary, short concordance, index, book introductions, maps and a comprehensive reference system) in a single volume.

The single volume Study Bible will be a major tool for the Turkish church nationwide to understand the Scriptures, as it pursues its vision of a "Church in Every Province & the Gospel to Every Home". Particularly it could be helpful to raise up a first generation of leaders across the country. Therefore we are thrilled to have produced a comprehensive tool for the growth of the Turkish church and hope to see it distributed nationwide to contribute to the national vision of a "Church in Every Province & the Gospel to Every Home". The effective distribution of the Turkish Study Bible will be the primary goal for the Translation Trust over the coming years.

Other Projects


In Operation World Patrick Johnstone writes, "Turkey remains the largest unreached nation in the world". The Trust believes it must now press on to help distributors in Turkey. We are in close contact with almost all of them through the Forum for Distributors and Publishers, which we helped to bring into being. There are many opportunities.

We also want to help make available the next range of study aids required by the Turkish church.

  • The Holman Bible Handbook is nearing completion of trial editing and should come out in Turkish from YYY later this year. Production funds are already in hand.
  • A 3-volume Bible Commentary (that of William McDonald) has already come out in Turkish from Haberci Publishers. This is both NT and OT.
  • The Lion History of Christianity is available already in Turkish from YYY. It is available in English.
  • The Lion Atlas of Bible History has recently been published in Turkish by YYY. This is also available in English.

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